About Us

Our company serves with innovative thinking young management staff, leading partners in the field and experienced team. With professional cooperation at home and abroad, our goal is to become one of the leading software companies in Turkey in the next 10 years.

Aldar software is a subsidiary of Aldar Group, which has a large market in Qatar and other Gulf countries.

Among the general features of Aldar software products, we can count Database Security, fast access and fast data entry, powerful software structure and ease of use. In line with your demands, we will continue to create new software that will keep the pulse of the sector and produce solutions for our valued customers...


Move forward without compromising the quality policy for its customers,
Developing information technologies every day, creating new solutions using their own products,
In the software products it has produced, it has adopted quality policy to protect the labor of its own personnel and the interests of its customers at the maximum level.


By identifying the current needs of our customers, creating solutions suitable for these needs and making customer satisfaction permanent.

Our vision

To be a reliable company by maintaining quality at the highest level in the software sector.
Follow developing software and hardware technologies and use these technologies in the solutions we offer to our customers.
Become a permanent brand in the industry with the software it produces.

Our principles

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
To provide customer satisfaction with our 7/24 customer service department by following the market preferences and industry standards and producing the most efficient and effective solution.

Choosing The Right Business Partners
As a business partner, it is our priority to choose organizations that have the same vision and culture of doing business as US.

Maintaining Work Ethic
To be honest, open and consistent with our customers, business partners and competitors and to observe the compliance of all our businesses with the law, general business ethics and principles.

Giving Importance To R & D Studies
To create new solutions, to make our existing solutions more capable and to make regular and effective R & D work to adapt to changing technology.

Ensuring Employee Happiness
To ensure that our employees are happy, productive, qualified and useful to society by providing trainings that improve personal qualities, a good income level, a healthy and high-quality business environment, effective communication.